Ten Rejected Names for Care Bears

I recently came across a list from a toy company with rejected toys. I will do my best to periodically update everyone on these long lost toys. This week we will look at rejected Care Bears. I am sure ShareBear and LoveaLot Bear would love to have these guys in the gang…

1. BullyBear: This bear just picks on the other bears. The folks at care bear central wanted someone they could use to educate about bullying. His tummy logo was the sun with  a black eye.

2. NerdBear: This bear was designed to appeal to the more studious children. He is terrified of BullyBear and often finds solace in the embrace of Funshine or GoodLuck Bear. His tummy logo was a heart with glasses and buck teeth.

3. Abortion Bear: This cute little guy was thought up to help scare young girls away from getting pregnant. He has a coat hanger for a logo on his cuddly little tummy.

4. Swear A Lot bear: This adorable little fucker was going to gently introduce children to the very real world of curse words. He was supposed to have three phrases and offer kids an interactive play time. His phrases escalated in severity just as kids gettig older would…”Damn”  “Oh Shit” “CareBear stare this MotherFucker”..oh what a rascal! His tummy logo was a little care bear paw giving the finger.

5. SecretBear: This bear never told anyone what the grownups did. His tummy logo was a set of lips with a finger up to them indicating SHHHHH

6. CyBear: This Bear is half cyborg half cute little care bear. Imagine a cuddly little friend who has a laser guided missle system. His tummy logo is a computer chip.

7. FishBear: This was a rather misguided attempt at encouraging children to swim. They removed the bears paws and gave him fins which just made him look like a mutated..well FishBear. His tummy logo was a lighthouse.

8.  DareBear: This daredevil would constantly dare other bears in to increasingly more and more dangerous stunts. “Hey Grumpybear, I dare you to jump out of the cloud car while its still moving.”  “Hey ShareBear, I dare you to lick that syringe” His tummy logo was a bear skull with bones.

9. SeniorBear: This was a bear designed to show how old people are just as useful as stuffed toys. Its tummy logo was a tombstone.

10. DoucheBear: All I have to say is his tummy logo is a picture of the current bachelor or bachelorette because they are always douches.

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