NFL Running Back has 9 kids with 9 women….

NFL B-lister and future highway garbage collector Travis Henry just annouced that he has 9 kids with 9 different women.  And people have trouble having kids? They should just follow him around and do exactly what he does.

1. Chat up slutty maid at Howard Johnson

2. Ask her if she has AIDS. She says no. Perfect - AIDS test complete.

3. Tell her you are a rich football player THAN ask her is she is on the pill. She says yes. Perfect - There is no way she will get pregnant. This is bulletproof like those other eight were.

4. Think about pulling out.

5. Don’t pull out.

#3and 5 are key here.

Mr. Henry fell one credit short in univeristy from getting his B.A. in Not Getting Bitches Pregnant.

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